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first of all…thanks for the fast answer !

i have some problems with PassThru packets…..

in the your programm NetFirewall there are no packets logged which are from the protocol type RAW
at the same moment, my programm is also running…and it receives packets from the protocol type RAW and sometimes the type IP….
both programms (my passtru and your netfirewall are configured to non blocking packets)

do you have any idea which can cause these problems?

is it possible that that not all of one data packet is stored in PacketBuffer, and at the next read i receive the rest of the packet??

here are by basic packet passthru function:
while (1) {
if(WaitForNewSingleObject( hEvent, 2000)==WAIT_TIMEOUT) {
while(ReadPacket(DriverClass,&Request)) {

PacketReceived(obj, DriverClass, &PacketBuffer, AdapterNr, &Request);

// Renitialize Request
memset(&Request, 0x00, sizeof(ETH_REQUEST) );
memset(&PacketBuffer, 0x00, sizeof(INTERMEDIATE_BUFFER) );
Request.EthPacket.Buffer = &PacketBuffer;
Request.hAdapterHandle = hAdapter;