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Vadim Smirnov

You was answered by e-mail. 🙂

1. There are any documents or information with potential restrictions or conflicts with any other commercial software?

Regretfully we can’t guarantee that you won’t ever meet compatibility problems when using WinpkFilter because any driver based on the similar technology (NDIS hooking) but implemented on the different or incorrect way may cause a conflict. That’s why the latest release of WinpkFilter in addition to NDIS hooking based driver also includes the driver based on NDIS intermediate driver technology (it should not cause any compatibility issues but it has some other disadvantages, like installation an example). So for those users who need some specific compatibility you can create a special build with NDIS IM based driver.

Luckily, so far we are aware about the only irresolvable conflict of WinpkFilter with Sygate firewall, but since it was recently bought by Symantec and discontinued then it is not a real problem anymore.

2. My license covers solutions to any potential conflicts found with some other software?

Some conflicts are resolvable, and we always trying to keep WinpkFilter up-to-date and compatible with any other commercial software. However, sometimes the compatibility problem can’t be resolved (like it was with Sygate, it patched TCPIP.SYS image and the only way to achieve the compatibility with it was implementing similar ugly hooking).

3. Once I get the Source license, Is there any restriction to source code modify? E.g.: Only drivers, not Winpkfilter API, etc.

The only restriction applied to Source Code license is that you can’t distribute/resell the WinpkFilter driver’s source code. You are free to modify drivers on the way you want and distribute your solutions in binary form.

Sorry, 4th question is not answered here because we have not permissions from our clients to use their names for online ad.