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Vadim Smirnov

I had looked through the realization of VLAN in Linux and yes it can be implemented even on low cost adapters because all drivers are available in source code and you can easily increase the ethernet frame size in the NIC driver. But in Windows you can’t modify the source code of the driver for your network card and all packets will be truncated to 1514 bytes. You still can create VLAN for the cost of MTU (packets on the network will be still 1514 bytes but MTU will be decreased from 1500 to 1496 bytes). MUX sample driver from the DDK implements VLAN by this way. However, this implemetation won’t be compatible with Linux VLAN (which uses larger MTU), without additional tricks like decreasing MTU because any incoming packet over 1514 bytes will be truncated. So complete realization of VLAN in Windows is hardly possible without special NIC/drivers…