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Vadim Smirnov

Following to your post Send out modified ip packets, but no reponse ( NAT ) you read the packet from the inner interface, substitute the source IP and send this packet to the stack. What do you think the stack will do with packet received from the inner interface which has it’s own IP address as a source address? Yes, it will drop it, because it never expects such a packet from the network. So you don’t need to alter incoming packets from the inner interface. In this case TCP/IP will route them and try to send from the external interface with inner client source IP.

In order to complete your task you should filter the external (Internet interface) and NAT (substutute the source address with external interface one) outgoing packets. For the packets received on the external interface you should do the reverse operation (change destination IP from the external interface IP to inner system one) if you find the required entry in your NAT table.