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I am not sure, if you got me right. I am *not* trying to reject a remote machine. I am trying to reject a connection initiated from my *local* machine (outgoing connection)

I’ve checked that out in more detail. The RST-packet I am generating is definetly ok. I’ve sent my packets to Ethereal, and it stated them as valid (checksums are ok etc.).

The local system sends 3 SYN packets. If they will be rejected (RST) by a remote machine, these 3 packets will be sent in a row very quickly. So the local TCP-Stack obviously recognizes these reject packets.

If *my* software do answer those SYN packets with a RST, further SYN packets come with a gap. Although SendPacketToMstcp returned with “TRUE”, the RST packet has *not* been recognized. The local TCP-Stack timedout, as if the SYN packet has been got lost.