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Vadim Smirnov

From the experiments I did, the only way I found to redirect some packets and let everything else pass is to use MSTCP_FLAG_TUNNEL for the adapter mode and then specify 2 filters: the first with the action FILTER_PACKET_REDIRECT that intercepts the packets I’m interested in, and then a second filter with action FILTER_PACKET_PASS to let everything else pass through. Am I correct?

Yes, you are right! There is also an alternative approach, when adapter is in tunnel mode then REDIRECT is a default action, so you can load one or more filters to pass selected traffic over and everything else will be redirected to your application automatically.

Or is there a way for example to set the adapter mode in something like “let everything pass” and then use a single filter with the action FILTER_PACKET_REDIRECT?

No, it won’t work. Adapter mode defines if network interface is filtered or not (independently in each direction). If it is not then loaded filters are not applied and all the traffic is passed over.