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I went through a lot of posts in this forum over the weekend. So a few days ago I tested signed all of the drivers including the cat files. I had to do more research on how to create the cat files from the inf files. It was pretty simepl once I found out.

As far as the pppoe connection is concerned, I installed a router. Now my router gets to dial the connection and I connect my ethernet cable to the router. I am still having the same problem as before though. I am using software called nat32 that is based on the winkpkfilter. It is supposed to allow my pc to use mulitple internet connctions at the same time. It places itself on the windows route table with a lower metric and removes the other wireless and Lan adapter connections. It then allows me to choose which adapter connection to use to access the internet Even though the nat32 is allowing me to choose which connection to use for the internet, Windows doesn’t seem to allow me to switch between the two. I am only getting DNS requests from the same network adapter. The Others are there idle even though I may select them. So if figured I need to cover all bases started with the driver.

The Beggar