Re: Confused


I’m confused. I just return from the Price/Licensing page. From what I saw there, my last post is meaningless. I thought I can create my application and help others in the same position. As I can see it now, I can really only advise people to install the WinpkFilter Framework and then use my application. If I want something more, I should look for a license.

For the WinpkFilter Helper Drivers Redistribution there is a price tag of 1495.00$ Guess this is the real price to pay since Microsoft didn’t do their part of the job 🙂

Anyway, is it ok to have an Article on the subject we treat here with my Application as a solution and a link to the WinpkFilter run-time libraries that are presented on

or it is in violation of the license agreement?

Hmm, I don’t see the case of and open source developer in your licensing plan 🙂 The 1495.00$ are too much since I only provide let’s say a sample application of the library for which I don’t want any money. 😕 bizarre