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Vadim Smirnov

Question: What happens if, for whatever reason, all 1000 buffers are filled before a receiver calls ReadPacket(hDriver, &Request)?

First, I have to note that part of this buffers (10% or 100 packets) is reserved and never placed into the adapter queue. So if packets queue grows up to 900 buffers (an example, if user mode application stops reading packets from the driver) then the driver stops placing followed packets into the queue. Instead it checks packets against loaded static filters and current adapter mode, if the packet should be passed then it is passed, if it should be dropped OR PLACED INTO THE QUEUE then is is DROPPED. Such driver behaviour allows to avoid network lock if user mode application is hangs. An example, in case of remote debugging you can set the static filter to pass TCP port 3389 (RDP) and even if you stop the filtering application in debugger (causing driver queue grow up to maximum size) you still won’t loose the RDP connection. Although, please note that all other network activity (except allowed explicitely by static filters) will be blocked.