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Vadim Smirnov

I am running Windows XP on my HP laptop. I installed MioNet which loads the driver NDISRD.SYS. Whenever this driver is loaded and I try to run my Cisco VPN client, the desktop locks up.
Any suggestions?

Hmm, basically conflict here can be initiated by MioNet usage of NDISRD (which is a WinpkFilter driver) or by NDISRD directly. So here are some questions:

1) Do you run MioNet at the same time with Cisco VPN client?
2) Could you look at the version of NDISRD.SYS and post it here or e-mail to support(at)

Also, if it is possible for you then could you please uninstall MioNet and install WinpkFilter package instead and check if problem pops up with WinpkFilter only?

Also, system just hanged? No chance on the crash dump?

Is there a way to unload the ndisrd.sys driver by using a DOS command?

This is not possible.