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Thx for the update, but i have some errors :

➡ In PacketSniffer Project, a Fatal Error shut down VB at line 65 in frmMain ( GetTcpipBoundAdaptersInfo nHandle, AdList )
This line works well in the ListAdapters Project.

I can bypass the problem if I declare a local variable like :

‘Get TCP/IP bound adapters information
Dim AdList2 As TCP_AdapterList
GetTcpipBoundAdaptersInfo nHandle, AdList2
AdList = AdList2

No fatal error … but some lines later, the program go on these errors :

“Failed to get current packet filter from the network interface”
“Failed to set promiscuous mode fro the network interface.”

Then, no packet are captured.
(we can notice the ‘fro’ instead of ‘for’ 😉 )

I just want to notice, that when i use the binpacketsniffer.exe its working well.

➡ In the ListAdapters Project i’v notice some errors on the display screen. The MAC Address for my Ethernet Card return : “00000000” instead of it real value. When i use the binListAdapters the correct value is given.

When i spy the adapterHandle value, it is 0
Request.hAdapterHandle = AdList.m_nAdapterHandle(nIndex)

So I think this is the source of the problem ^^

I didnt found why this is 0, but i’ll search a bit waiting for your response 😉

Thanks a lot for your precedent fast answers. I’ll say to you if i find some other bugs 🙂